Analogue Goodness

Analogue Goodness

Oct 4th, 2016

I recently rediscovered this abstract, graphic short I did on a dusty old Beta SP, in an unloved box folder, hiding in the dark recesses of my loft (with a sticker on it saying “beware of the leopard” Hehe)

The piece was made in 1999 (!) and was screened at onedotzero3 at the ICA in the same year. I still love it because it’s filled with lots of lovely distorted analogue video which I was obsessed with at the time, and I see has made a bit of a resurgence of late – I like these guys especially:

My piece filters through the distressed murmurings of A.C. Evans’ sci-fi poetry “Space Opera” (1997); a distorted sequence poem about miscommunication on board a deep space spacecraft. The sound was by my good friend Anschul Brandt – a very talented music experimenter at the time (and hopefully still is!)

Thanks also to Hannah McParlin at the Tyneside Cinema for helping to bring the film back to the digital realm.